Saturday, July 9, 2011

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog since 2009. I'm so lame. Let's try again.

Family updates:

Michael no longer works at Wellness Enterprises. Last year when the company went under him and a fellow co worker took over the website and clients and started their own company, Naturally Filtered. Though it is stressful to own your own company I can tell he is much happier and loves working for himself. David is also a nice guy and wonderful partner.
Recently Mike has found a love for cycling and loves to go down the trails and has even rode the whole Hawthrone Trail. He has also started playing racquetball with his friend Andy on Saturday mornings.

Presently he is doing some home repairs. Had a storm recently with brought down two trees one of which landed on the porch breaking part of it off. The porch was old and about to collapse anyway so it was actually doing us a favor. So he tore the rest down and has been working for the last few days building a new one. I am very excited to see the outcome.


As for me, (the boring one lol) I am now 30 weeks preggers with our new little girl. Yes a name has been picked and no we won't share ^_^ I am definitely ready to be done. This has been a very emotional pregnancy. The beginning was very hard. I kept having negative feelings that something was wrong and was getting frequent panic attacks. I did get a blessing which did ease my fears a bit. I still worry on occasion but I am finally starting to relax. I am having a lot of issues with anger and being annoyed. I dislike being around people right now. I've always had social anxiety and have been afraid of people but now its just being annoyed at them all the time. Things are getting a lot harder for me. Cleaning especially. I get tired so easily and bending over constantly to pick things up wears me out and makes me short of breath. I also have a lot of hip and tailbone pain. Most mornings its really hard to get out of bed. On the positive she is moving around a lot more and other than when she uses my bladder as a trampoline, its the best feeling ever.

I have started going back to school for my anthropology/biology degrees. Its a slow process since right now I can only take one class at a time. I just finished my genetics/evolution class with a B =) Obviously I will have to take Fall semester off since the baby is due in September and plan on going back in the spring taking my math classes. Yuck. I have been loving going back. I struggle to get my good grades but the fact that the last two classes I've finished resulted in an A and a B I am so proud of myself. It's nice to have that one thing for me.


Chandler is now done with Kindergarten. He starts 1st grade in August but at the end of July he has is IQ test because he has qualified for advanced classes. I hope it will bring his excitement for school back. The last couple months of Kindergarten he started getting very angry about having to go to school and we found out that he thought it was too easy. I talked to his teacher and she said that he was doing very well in everything and is the top of his class in Math. So he was tested and qualified.
Chandler has recently gotten into video games. When he isn't building with legos or drawing, he has his nose in his DS. He loves all the Lego games and scribblenauts, Harry potter. He recently learned Halo which is weird for me but whats done is done.


Gwyn is now 4 and starting Pre-K this fall *tear* She is very excited not because she is going to school but because she gets to play soccer in the fall. She has been waiting so long to play and it finally gets to happen. In the spring she wants to play T-ball. This year she took a ballet class which she loved. She's my tomboy princess.

We are doing school in the mornings and she is learning how to read. SHe read her first few sentences awhile ago. She finished her K level math book as well.

Gwyn is a very very happy girl. Always laughing and smiling. She's up for anything and is definitely a mini Mike. She has a unique sense of style. Some outfits will make you shutter. She has a song for everything and is very opinionated.

So that is our family right now. I'll try to do better to stay updated.

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