Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Nothing much to update today.. but I am sitting here sick and bored so I needed to do something.

Gwyn had her 15 month appointment last week. She is 22 pounds 30 inches tall. Happy and healthy. Got one shot. Was suppose to get alot more but We have made the decision not to get her shots till she is 2 years. It turns out that she is also getting her back molars. Not fun. Lots of drool. She is really getting into me reading her books. Her favorite is the Jungle Bus book. Though she gets a little impatient for the page turning.

Chandler is sick today too. Fun Fun. It makes for an even sassier Chandler. Sassier.. is that a word? I don't know.. don't care. Well there's not to say about Chandler right now. He is getting alot better at his letters. He is going through a little regression with his potty training for some reason. I have figured that one out yet. I am looking into putting him in a dance class. I think that wilkl be good for him. Get some of his energy out and he such a little performer. I think he might enjoy it.

I finished my ballet classes this week. Kinda sad. I was alot of fun. But she told us about an adult ballet class on Tuesday nights so she is going to send me some information on it. Hopefullyl it won't be too much.

We are starting to work on the house more.. Mike is working on the bathroom right now.. attempting to put a new light in that comes with a ventalation system in it. There's no fan in our bathrooms right now and the master bath is so small that it gets alot of mold. But it is proving to be alot harder than we thought to install. *sigh*

Anyway.. nothing else to report.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jespersen Update

Wow... I haven't updated this in a long time. I am horrible at these things so if you ever see that I haven't updated in awhile.. give me a kick in the rear. I want to get better at this. Anyway..

Whats new.. The kids.Gwyneth is getting bigger and impossibly cuter by the day. She is now 14 months. She's a little chatter box but not a whole lot of words yet. She has the sweetest little voice. Her favorite word is "NO" =) Other words shes says are Baby, Silly (see-lee), Ni- Ni (nite-nite), juice, and of course mama and dada. She is a huge Daddy's girl.. its amazing how much they look alike. She is getting more into her baby dolls but still loves outdoors and sports and playing with Chandler's cars and dinosaurs (when he's not looking of course) She is also still into her veggies.. first thing she eats on her plate. Unfortunately she got sick this week out of the blue. Was vomiting on Wednesday and got pretty dehydrated on Thursday. She refused to drink anything so I had to force liquids down her. And yesterday and this morning she was constipated.. lots of screaming. We gave her lots of apple juice and fruit and gave her a warm bath and she finally went and was a lot happier as was everyone else in the house. She has her 15 month appt on the 17th.. will update than.

Chandler is growing up way too fast. He is definitely not my little baby anymore. I came to the realization that he will be 4 in two months! 0.O Holy smokes! We are working on his ABC's right now. And he is picking up on it fairly quickly. He is starting to recognize his name when he sees it now and he can write the letters C, G, H, K, O, and W. He is such an amazingly creative and abstract little boy. I would love to spend a day in his mind. He is quite the little artist. For a 3 year old he puts so much detail into his work. Every little thing that he does amazes me. Here are some of his drawings.. they are older ones.. my camera is broken so I haven't been able to take any pictures.

We started putting on some preschool waiting lists for next year. Unfortunately the deadline for school is September 1st so he wasn't able to get in this year since his birthday is on September 18. Which also means of course that he wont be able to start kindergarten till he is 6. =/ But anyway *hopefully* he will be going to the Montessori school here in town. So anyway, we still have some things to work on with him.. he is still very headstrong, very controlling, and tends to get frustrated very easily but I am so proud of him. He is definitely the coolest kid ever.

I had my oral surgery this week.. on Tuesday to be precise. Things went really well actually. My surgeons name was Dr. Randall Canton. He is such a wonderful surgeon. I wasn't in any pain afterwards and I didn't swell at all. I do have a bruise along my jaw line and I am still having trouble eating but all is well. I did however get sick this week though. I thought it was because of the surgery but everyone else got other than Chandler. Doing better today.. just tired.

I started my ballet classes a few weeks ago. Its a lot harder than I thought it was. But I am carrying it through.. haven't given up yet which is an accomplishment. I'm looking forward to taking another dance class in the future whether another ballet or maybe tap =) I believe taking this class has opened my eyes to a lot of things and there are so many things that I want to learn to do now.. its amazing what doors that little bit of courage has opened up. I'll post more about that on a separate blog.

Mike is doing well with work. He hasn't been traveling which is nice. Working hard so we can fix up the house and move. He is getting really into Golf. He took a community beginners golf class and did pretty well and looking into personal professional lessons. It'll be nice for him to have something to do for himself every once in awhile. He is also looking into taking guitar lessons.. but that was just something mentioned in the breeze. I don't know if it's still something he wants to do.

Anyways that was a nice long update. Hopefully I do better =) Happy reading.

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