Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Both kids had an appointment yesterday. Gwyn is now 16 lbs and 25 inches long. Everything is looking good and on schedule. She has been sick with a cold for the last three days though. Poor baby and since all children's cold meds have been recalled I can only sit and do nothing to make her feel better. She also now scooting. She can get up on all fours so I think the crawling is coming soon. She scoots differently than Chandler did. I remember Chandler did the wounded soldier scoot lol. Gwyn kind of looks like a sea lion =) She gets on all fours than kinda flings her self forward. Funny looking. No teeth yet but the nurse said yesterday that it looks like she is working on her bottom teeth. She is also all done with her yellow veggies and is now starting on peas. It doesn't seem like she cares for them much.
Chandler has not gained a single pound in a year. He is still at 32 lbs but he is getting taller 3'2. He is also doing well though she is kinda concerned about his eye. Apparently when she was looking at his eyes, when he was focusing on the light, his left eye would drift. But she couldn't quite tell so we have to keep an eye on it but it hard to get him to focus on anything. So if he does have this problem than he will have to see an eye doctor and go from there. Anyway.. we have ordered the joy school program for him and I just received it in the mail so when when I print out everything and get all the materials I need, I will start homeschooling him.
Mike and I are doing well. Nothing much to report. Mike is leaving tomorrow for California for a few days. I am still doing well at the gym though I haven't been able to go yet this week since Gwyn is sick. (can't take her to the kids club if she is sick) Saturday I did a charity walk for breast cancer. It was a lot of fun except for the fact that I didn't have anyone to walk with. Next time I will know to bring someone. It was a 3 mile walk 0.0 I didn't realize it was that long . My legs and ankles were so stiff the next morning. Anyway.. I can't think of anything else to say though I am sure there is more. =) Can you believe Gwyn is 6 months old?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

just a little update

Just a little update on how we are doing..

Chandler just recently turned three as you all know. Full of energy and alot of fun though sometimes that energy get him into trouble. No luck with the potty training. Haven't even attempted. I was always told to wait till they show an interest in the potty, which Chandler has not done. We are lucky if he even tells us that he has gone. Hopefully he will spark an interest soon cause pull ups aren't cheap when you have to buy baby diapers and formula.
I am looking into a Joy School program for him to start homeschooling him at home. I've look into some friends doing it with me but it might have be a one on one thing. Which is okay. I lack the confidence to teach him.. I definitely have no confidence teaching other kids.
He is very independent. Wants to do everything himself. He makes his own drinks and breakfast. And he makes his own sandwiches. Now if only he would do that with his diapers. =/

Gwyneth is about 6 months old now. She is in her own room now. .. no longer beside us. Yes I cried. =P She was doing well but for the last few days she has woken up to eat.. which is weird cause since she was about 2 weeks old, she has slept the entire night. I hope it's just a fluke.
She is getting so big and more beautiful by the day. She is trying to crawl but all she can accomplish right now is pushing herself up and rolling over. But she's going to get it soon. No teeth yet. She also has started foods. She gets oatmeal in the morning and rice cereal for dinner. And for lunch she gets carrots right now. She has been on carrots for about a week and no reaction so far, so next its squash.
Her and Chandler are getting along very well. Chandler loves to give her hugs and kisses and sings her twinkle twinkle little star from time to time. Very cute. He always wants to make her bottles and give them to her but he doesn't realize that she can't hold them yet and so he will put it in her mouth and than just walk away. He is learning that he can't lay down next to her. She Likes to get fist fulls of his hair. Lol.

I (Marissa) have been going to the gym 5 days a week. I have lost 5 lbs. YEY! All my clothes are now very loose so i walk around kinda frumpy all the time. Michael took me to go shopping on Thursday to buy clothes but we found nothing. Gainesville does not have very good stores. We are probably going to go to Orlando soon and hit all the strip malls there. Its hard to find modest clothing now a days. Other than that there isn't a whole lot going on with me.

Michael isn't traveling so much anymore. Its nice to have him back home. Work is going well.. though a little stressful. He is still doing well with his church calling (young men president) He bought a Xbox 360 the other day w/ Halo 3.. so he is a happy boy.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

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