Wednesday, March 21, 2012

parenting the Chandler

What you need to be a parent to Chandler:

1) ear plugs. The boy talks loud. indoor voice means nothing to the kid.

2) answers. He asks questions and he'll ask the hard questions. He'll keep asking till he is satisfied.

3) A convincing story. If you are lying he will find that weak spot in your story and completely tear it down.

4) a white flag to surrender during an argument. If he knows he is right he will argue till the cows come home. Just give up now. It already gets crazy now but teenage years will be scary with his Dad.

5) a fire to put under his butt in the morning. My goodness he takes forever to get ready.

6) acceptance of the fact that he is just as smart as you and soon, very soon he will be doing your college math for you.

7) can't be easy going. Rules are rules with Chandler. They must not be broken.

8) a thick skin. he has a unique way to insult you while complimenting you. "wow mom.. this dinner is actually pretty good" "thanks buddy.. wait a min"

9) tissues cause when he is upset, it breaks your heart and you turn into an emotional puddle of goo.

10) be ok with the fact that he will probably never be athletic. He rather use his brain.

11) be aware that letting go of his control does not come easy to him. (he gets that from me)

12) be careful of his feelings. He is sensitive and does not respond well to being made fun of.

13) do you have a video game? he probably doesn't care about you than.

14) like a full moon? He's always showing you his -.-

15) be thankful that although you might need some therapy you have this amazing, loving, sensitive, and incredibly gifted young man to love forever.

sad mama

Saying Mama! pitiful isn't it?

awesome video I found on my FLIP

my kids are awesome and sweet!

like a boss

You will feed me every hour, change me when I need it,
and snuggle with me at all times.. capeesh?!

Hallo, Hallo, Halloween Ya'll!

Jessie the cowgirl, ninja, and Mariposa!
Crazy eyes Skeleton

blessing day and squishy lips

again more smiles

made with left over cement

Daddy snuggles

learning to lift her head!


When all got quiet this is what I found <3

more smiles

just for smiles

In January I started my 3 month membership to the gym. I also started weight watchers. As of last Sunday, I lost 13 lbs already. WOOT! I also lost a couple inches in my waist and thighs. I still have a ways to go but this is the most results I've seen and I am super excited! Maybe I will soon match my super Hotty pants of a husband. =)

sports and scouts

Back in September we signed Gwyn up for Soccer. She had been waiting for so long to turn 4 and for soccer to start. Her first practice she was a little nervous but she did great.

Look at that determination! She could run, kick, pass, etc. Than they played an actual game and she just melted into a crying puddle of goo. We just guessed it was nerves. Next practice, everything was going well until again they played a game. Complete shut down. So unfortunately we had to take her out. Too bad. She would have been good.

In January we however signed her up for Gymnastics. She is so good at it! The first day she was already flipping around the bars, walking the beam, and doing somersaults. Unfortuantely I don't have any pictures yet but she has her show in April so I'll get some pictures than.

We also signed Chandler up for Cub scouts. He was doing well and than Adele was born and things got a bit to crazy with her and also the building of our sunroom so that got put on the backburner. In January though we contacted the scoutmaster and he is now going back and catching up everything he missed.
This is him after getting his bobcat (very late). He got an astronomy belt loop last night and we are in the process and catching him up on all the other belt loops this month.

Adele Theresa

bare with me.. I'm catching up!

September 26, 2011 Adele Theresa Jespersen was born.

She was a week late and we went in on the 25th to start the induction. Getting the hospital bag ready, I started having small contractions. I didn't think much of it but they were constant and slowly getting closer together. We were a bit early to the hospital so we went to the bookstore to get Mike a book for the overnight stay. The contractions were getting a bit more uncomfortable. We got the hospital and got all settled in and the nurse confirmed that they were contractions and not the braxton hicks. So Adele I guess figured out we weren't bluffing about forcing her out and decided to make her way down.

Around midnight they put in the first pill thing and we both went to bed for 2 hours before the next pill. But mins later, sorry TMI, I swear a peed the bed. I was sooooo embarrassed. I didn't want to call the nurse because I was so embarrassed. A little while later the nurse came back in to check on me. I told her the contractions were getting more intense and I admitted that I peed. She lifted the covers and was like "Hunny thats not pee, your water broke!" (let me clarify that my water has never broken on its own so I didn't know what it felt like.) So they called they checked me and I was about an 8. When the contractions were getting really intense, they put some meds in my IV. Though it didn't take away the pain completely, it took the edge off, and I was seriously tripping. Hard. Everytime I closed my eyes to breath through the pain, I was in a different scene. The only two I remember was 1)we were all submerged in a submarine. 2) The room was full of empty catfood cans and I'm not sure but there was a body laying in one pile of the cans. (Thank goodness I don't do drugs. There's some serious sub-conscious stuff going there) This is me seriously trippin:

Finally I was at a ten and it was time to push. Like normal pushing didn't last all that long.. maybe 3-4 pushes? Than Adele came into this world. Chandler mini me.
7lbs 9oz. 21.5 inches long

Beautiful girl

instant Daddy's girl

proud big brother

Gwyn took a minute to warm up to her sister.
"Gwyn do you want to come give her a kiss?" "ummm no thanks"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

parenting the Gwyn.

what you need to be a parent to Gwyn:

1) a convincing smile for when you tell her to get dressed and she comes out in a long sleeved red leopard print shirt and hot pink tights and black boots.

2) understanding for the times you clean her room and find buckets of water under the bed and a moldy sandwich in the toybox.
3) tylenol and another smile for when she sings because she's loud, and proud, and repetitive. "yes very good Gwyn!" "okay I'll sing it again since you liked it!"

4) a constant look out for bugs so you can kill it before she sees it. If you fail, than have a good pair of ear plugs ready.

5) a protective box to put around your baby. She l
oooves to "help"

6) knowledge that you will never ever have anything of your own anymore. jewelry, make up, etc are not just yours but yours AND hers. This is especially true for snacks. She has the "Mommy has a secret snack radar" and she will hunt you down!

7) a ruler to always carry around to show her personal space. Maybe 2.

8) the ability to laugh at a completely random joke that makes no sense at all. "Why did the pig eat icecream? Why? because he forgot to put on his underwear!"

9) to know without a doubt that Gwyn is great at everything! Possibly even the best. (and really she is quite good whatever she tries to do) "mommy, I'm a great singer aren't I" "Mommy I want to dance ballet again.. I was great at it!" "Mommy I want to play Tball.. I know I would be awesome"

10) Energy drinks to keep up. Stock up.

11) if you are anti social.. get over it. She attracts attention
where ever she is.

12) self control and patience, patience, PATIENCE.

13) Dads should have a shot gun. She's beautiful and teenage
years will be super fun so be ready.

14) the love for companionship. She's always beside you where ever you go and if you aren't careful you could turn around a trip because she's right there.

15)thankfulness that you were blessed with this wild, crazy, exhausting, and awesome little girl.

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