Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the kiddos =D

A little bit of new info on the kiddos...

Chandler is still doing really well with his reading lessons. He read his first sentences the other day. Though he is starting to have trouble with some sounds. I and the TH sound is throwing him off a bit. he can never remember the I sound and he pronounces TH as a F. But I am sure he'll get it soon. He starts preschool in the fall! How crazy is that? I am trying to get him into a class but everything is so expensive! He is still really big into transformers and Star Wars. Other than that I don't think there is much to report with him.

Gwyneth is going to be 2 next month.. crazy. We just took the side off her crib and she will be going into a real bed next month. Its so not fair how fast they are growing up. She is talking up a storm and loves to do anything and everything Chandler does. She is also our little daredevil! She's not scared of anything. We took the kids to the park the other day and she climbed up the big slide by herself (I was behind her just in case) and slid down like it was nothing. Also I found out that she has incredible upper body strength.. I lifted her up to the highest bar on the monkey bars and she grabbed on and I decided to let her go and she just hung there! I wqas never able to do that! She's definitely going into Gymnastics when we can afford it. =)

5 year anniversary.. a bit late

On valentines weekend Michael and I went to Williamsburg Virginia to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Its somewhere I've always wanted to go so I am glad Mike was willing. I had a great time. history overload. We left on Thursday night and drove until probably midnight and slept in Georgia. Than we got up early and drove the next 7 hours all the way to Virginia. The place we stayed was beautiful! We stayed in the Martha Washington Suite. I have never stayed in a place that had a kitchen and a living room, whirlpool tub and washer and dryer! We went out to dinner that night and went back to our room since everything was closed for the night. The next day (our anniversary) we went to Colonial Williamsburg. Lots of walking around. We went into a court house to watch a reenactment of a trial and we were both selected to be on the high court with the "judge" and decided who was guilty and innocent. That was a lot of fun. Not a whole lot to describe. Basically just alot of walking and looking at old buildings. Than we went to dinner at Food For Thought which is said to be the best restaurant in Williamsburg. It was rather tasty. After dinner we went on a ghostwalk .. which was my favorite part of the whole weekend. But it was VERY cold.

The next day we went to Jamestown and Yorktown Battlefield.
After Yorktown we started driving home. We figureed we would drive till we both got tired and stop to sleep somewhere. After I drove Mike took over and I fell asleep. I don't know what got into him but he drove all the way home! We got home Monday morning at 5 AM! It was a lot of fun!

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