Friday, August 5, 2011


I've been informed its time for an update. I dont really have a lot to say but figured I write a little to get into the habit of updating.
2 more weeks until school starts. It can't come soon enough because the kids are getting tired of each others company and are fighting over every little thing. I have all of Chandler's school shopping done. And I have been grabbing things here and there for Gwyn for her clothes. She doesn't need uniforms for preschool thankfully. I needed to get her new clothes anyway since she is moving into 4t.
34 weeks into the pregnancy now. So close but yet so far away. Some days it is very painful to move. I can't wait to see her. Things are finally starting to come together. I went to a Just Between Friends sale and got most everything I need. So other than small things like clothes, bottles, pacifiers, etc. we are set. We do need a pack and play but I dont want to buy a used one because I would like one with the changing table and basiinet feature. You usually cant find those used. We are going to need a crib but thats not until we move her and Gwyn into the office. That won't be for awhile.
I have also organized and prepared all the stuff I need to get done for Primary so the other ladies can have everything they need just in case of an early delivery. Right now I am getting together my hospital bag list and will be going out tomorrow to pick thigns up so I can have that ready to go. A bit early but you never know.
Mike completed the porch this week!! It looks amazing.. I will post pictures later. He did such a great job.. I'm so proud of him. =) Tomorrow he is starting his next project of replacing the air ducts and stuff. He has to replace the flooring under the water heater first though because its about to fall through the floor.
Anyway.. thats all for today.

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