Wednesday, March 21, 2012

parenting the Chandler

What you need to be a parent to Chandler:

1) ear plugs. The boy talks loud. indoor voice means nothing to the kid.

2) answers. He asks questions and he'll ask the hard questions. He'll keep asking till he is satisfied.

3) A convincing story. If you are lying he will find that weak spot in your story and completely tear it down.

4) a white flag to surrender during an argument. If he knows he is right he will argue till the cows come home. Just give up now. It already gets crazy now but teenage years will be scary with his Dad.

5) a fire to put under his butt in the morning. My goodness he takes forever to get ready.

6) acceptance of the fact that he is just as smart as you and soon, very soon he will be doing your college math for you.

7) can't be easy going. Rules are rules with Chandler. They must not be broken.

8) a thick skin. he has a unique way to insult you while complimenting you. "wow mom.. this dinner is actually pretty good" "thanks buddy.. wait a min"

9) tissues cause when he is upset, it breaks your heart and you turn into an emotional puddle of goo.

10) be ok with the fact that he will probably never be athletic. He rather use his brain.

11) be aware that letting go of his control does not come easy to him. (he gets that from me)

12) be careful of his feelings. He is sensitive and does not respond well to being made fun of.

13) do you have a video game? he probably doesn't care about you than.

14) like a full moon? He's always showing you his -.-

15) be thankful that although you might need some therapy you have this amazing, loving, sensitive, and incredibly gifted young man to love forever.

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Amanda Biava Strain said...

I enjoyed reading both of these. I am still amazed how very different my children are from each other! Keep posting on your blog!

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