Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gwyneth Victoria Jespersen

My "baby" is 5 today. I told her it's not possible because she is my baby and she must be turning 2 maybe 3. But no. She informed me that she is no longer a baby and she is in fact 5. I guess for now I will give in to the universe telling me that my children are growing up and starting their journey in life. *sigh* In honor of the birthday girl this blog is all about her and a few of her favorite things.

Hello Kitty - her favorite picture (whatever that means)
Pinkalicious - Her favorite book
She LOVES to sing.. loudly and constantly ^_^
Shake it Up - One of her favorite shows

Horses and ponies - Her favorite animal
A.N.T Farm - another favorite show and Chine Anne Mcclain - another favorite singer
Selena Gomez - Favorite singer
My Little Ponies - Favorite Movie
Loves doing gymnastics
Favorite toy- barbie unicorn (although she doesnt have one hmm)
Loves to dance
pink and purple - her favorite colors

Favorite songs: (as featured on playlist)
Anything by Selena Gomez
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
Dynomite - China Anne Mcclain
Calling all the Monsters - Chine Anne McClain
Exceptional - China Anne McClain

Some of my favorite baby pictures:

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waynejj said...

What a great tribute to Gwyneth Victoria! You can see her personality shining through in her earliest photos. She is a great blessing to me, she is so loving and kind to me; I love her forever.

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